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Publiée : 18/01/2024  
Type d'emploi : Stage / Alternance
Domaine d'emploi : Communications
Scolarité min. : BEP, CAP

Position: Social Media & Community Manager

Education: Business School or Engineering School _ School based in France

Type: Internship _ Minimum 12 months _ Alternance

Start: Jan 2024

Company Insight:

NBS Factory, nestled within the innovation hub Station F and powered by WAVESTONE's sustainability drive, is on a mission to kick corporate fluff to the curb. We're seeking proactive, forward-thinking individuals to help us cut through the noise and truly make ESG matter in the business realm. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and be part of a team that's all about actionable impact, you're in the right place.

Role Snapshot:

We're seeking an enthusiastic Social Media & Community Manager to join our dynamic team. This role requires a flair for positive change and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Your affinity for data and insights will shine, as you delve into our datasets to unveil the genuine essence of our customers. Equally vital is your ability to share these insights compellingly, anchoring our community and propelling them towards our services.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Brand Ambassador: You'll consistently and convincingly communicate our values and message, guarding our brand image.
  • Social Media Expert with a Data Scientist Twist: Manipulating meaningful dashboards, Excel mastery, data sorting, and even data scraping and model building are right up your alley.
  • Quick Learner: Our social media listening tool will hold no mysteries after you breeze through the academy solo.
  • Customer Insights Guru: You're not only Sherlock Holmes but also the storyteller Watson. From crafting decks for clients to community content on LinkedIn or our website, you possess the magic to transform facts into engaging tales.
  • Path Navigator: Identifying and experimenting with the insights that captivate our customers and community the most.
  • Collaboration Maestro/a: You'll closely collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to keep our community engaged and actively seeking our services. You're an integral part of our sales team!

Who You Are:

  • Strategic Storyteller: You're not just managing social media; you're shaping narratives that resonate. Your storytelling prowess amplifies our values and keeps the community enthralled.
  • Data Aficionado/a: Numbers and insights are your playground. You're the Sherlock Holmes of our data, unraveling customer stories and trends to guide strategic decisions.
  • Tech-Savvy Trailblazer: From crafting Excel-powered dashboards to navigating complex data models, you're a wizard in wielding technology for impactful insights.
  • Learning Dynamo: New tools? No problem. Your rapid grasp of our social media listening tool showcases your knack for picking up new skills on the fly.
  • Insights Illustrator: Translating data into engaging stories is your forte. Whether it's crafting
  • presentations for clients or community content, you turn raw data into captivating narratives.
  • Community Champion: You thrive on building connections. Your engaging approach keeps our community active, intrigued, and eager to explore the solutions we offer.
  • Collaboration Virtuoso/a: Working harmoniously is your mantra. Your collaboration with various teams ensures our community remains engaged and our services are sought after.
  • Academic Adventurer: Whether you're about to graduate or you've recently donned the cap and gown, Business School or Engineering School, we're all ears.
  • Global Citizen: Fluent in both French and English, with a dash of international experience to boot.

Ready to Join Us?

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And hey, while we won't twist your arm for a motivation letter, a few lines about what makes you tick beyond "I need an internship!" is always a plus.

About NBS Factory:

· Values: Transparency, Positivity, Inclusivity, Grounded in Science.

· Mission : Transforming ESG talk into tangible, enduring action for partner-businesses.

· Our Pledge: No fluff. Just tools to make change happen and your brand shine.

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Our Team:

1 CEO, 1 CTO, 1 Bus Dev, 1 CSR & Impact Manager (That's You!), 1 Social Media Manager (That's you !), 1 Content Creator.

6 Advisors, 1 Scientific Collaborator, Several Investors with a Shared Vision.